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JoyOne HandsBorn in Hull Quebec and raised in Edmonton Alberta, Patrice J Sauve, aka JoyOne aka Chicken Fat Rice has seen a lot of awesome in his life all leading him on a path he could have never imagined…. From living out dreams of heli-skiing in BC to coming full circle to music production and Djing. JoyOne experienced an early Kootenay vibe at Shambhala that began an unravelling of an understanding for a deep affinity… and a constant love throughout his life… Music!

With his old mix tapes in the 80’s and a love of PA’s in the early 90’s continued an on/off love affair with DJing over the past 23 years with the past 10 being truly dedicated to a lifestyle in electronic dance music. Being a founder of intentional dance community in Edmonton with Zion Collective/Arcatribe over 7 years ago opened doors to more relationships in the scene to becoming family with crews like Techno Hippy Crew, GOMP, Trancecore, Zodiac Series and In a Home Entertainment. JoyOne shared his talents co-creating the electronic dance stage at North Country Fair for 5 years, Dancy Pants events at Ginos (Edmonton) for 5 years, Journeys meditation and transformational dance at Exstatis Dance for 2 years and has been an integral part of festivals that inspire such as Kootenanny for 6 years. Continuing the dream he took on the role of team leader for manifesting the always magical Angelicas Basket for 6 years at Astral Harvest. This relationship has led to co-creation of stages at other festivals such as the Labyrinth Chill Zone at Shambhala in 2012 and 2013.

JoyOne brings his vast experience and love of music to his event planning, stage design, professional sound management, Djing and now his studio music production. In 2011 he co-released a sound healing vibrational therapy album with Sound Love Alchemy called Chakra Balancing Solfeggio Frequencies which is currently ranking number 2 in the meditational music genre in Alberta.

JoyOne has tantalized dancers with his unmatched musical taste and djing style at Motion Notion, Astral Harvest, Kootenanny, Shambhala, Spring Festival of Awareness, North Country Fair and now hosts weekly shows every Friday night from 11:11pm – 1:11am MST on Radio called Friday Night…Foundations where fans tune in from all over the world to hear JoyOne’s sonic love.

The business side of things, JoyOne Sound System, provides the icing on the cake with industry standard equipment rentals, sound stage design, event planning and professional sound, light and visuals management. Understanding the dynamics of reproducing good clean sound, pumpin bass without the distortion and how this affects the listener/dancer on a cellular level, not to mention a mental, emotional and spiritual one… is a skill and a talent that is a rare and sacred gem in this industry.

“House music beats strong in my heart and I hope we can feel this together as we join to inspire each other through dance and celebration… ” – JoyOne

JoyOne Nebula Stage